10 Amazing Things I Did At Disney Social Media Moms On-The-Road Conference

10 amazing things at Disney SMMC


On June 15th, I had the pleasure of getting to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in NYC at the New Amsterdam Theatre. To say it was an amazing time would be an understatement. Being new to the blogger world, this was such a big deal for me to be invited to. There was so much to learn and take in. I walked away feeling humbled to be able to hear advice from so many truly wonderful people, getting to see and experience so many things and knowing I was going to take that all back with me and strive to be an even better blogger going forward! Here are 10 of the most amazing things I learned at the conference……

(1) Our first speaker of the day was Jamie Langdon, from the Disney Parks Blog, (@langdonjamie). She spoke to us about all the fun stuff at the Disney Parks and Disney Cruise line. What is happening now and what is to come! We watched several amazing videos, learned about the new musical, Tangled, coming to Disney Cruises this November, about showing your DisneySide, and most importantly, that It’s fun to bring your children of any age to Disney Parks! The video showing preschoolers talking about all the fun they had at the parks was one of the cutest I have ever seen! You can watch it here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RixiphNwevQ

(2) Our next speaker was Jennifer Fickley-Baker, also from the Disney Parks Blog, (@DisneyParksJenn). She spoke to us about how to tell your story matters. One thing I loved that she said was, “Having great subject matter to write about is one thing, but how you tell the story is another.” This was such a great piece of information. There is so many times that I am writing a blog post and try to figure out what exactly it is I need to write, but honestly, I need to remember it is my story to tell and I need to keep that real. She told us, “Pushing past logic is where creativity begins.” We need to ask What If?, Experiment and Play. She gave us tips like we should take improv classes to help with writers block. Such great advice!

(3) Next up was Victoria Lim (@VictoriaLim). I learned that YouTube is the second largest search engine. This inspired me to start my own YouTube page, which I will soon be adding videos to! I learned about maximizing my mobile, by doing things like cleaning the lens, trying different angles, and what to do when conducting interviews. She told us about some equipment to buy like an IRig and apps to download like DropBox, Videolicious and Magisto.

(4) Than we heard from the awesome Greg Josken (@GVJosken). He taught us about mixing one of the oldest forms of storytelling with the newest forms of storytelling, about finding new stories in the same stories. I learned about increasing social mentions with positive sentiment. Find the power in numbers. He told us about this wonderful app, gifbrewery.

(5) Next up was two amazing ladies from Babble.com (@babbleeditors). I learned many ways to get myself out there more. One tip was to share Instagram Photos on Facebook. To find some Facebook groups with other bloggers and attend more blogger events. Definitely got me motivated to find more events to attend and be able to gain even more knowledge! They also shared with us an app called PicMonkey.

(6) The next speaker was the amazing Barby K. Siegel, CEO of the Zeno Group, (@ZenoGroup). She taught us all to go for it, be FEARLESS! Her inspiring speech gave me the will to always keep going, never give up! Be Fearless!!

(7) Our last speaker of tha day was Marissa Kraxberger (@Marissakrax). She is the creative director behind IvankaTrump.com and her website is LadyandthePrince.com. She talked to us about how to really market yourself, how to kind of rebrand yourself on social media. She talked to us about the #WomenWhoWork campaign on Ivanka Trump. Loved seeing some of their videos!

(8) After the speakers were done, I got the amazing pleasure of finding pictures I had taken during the conference. They were printed out for us by HP! This was so fun to be able to sit and enjoy the conference and as we tweeted, find wonderful, high quality photos to take home with us.

(9) Of course no Disney conference would be complete without a visit from the big man himself, or should I say mouse! We got a visit from the Head Cheese, Mickey Mouse! It was truly Disney magic in NYC.. Loved getting a hug from Mickey!!

(10) And, as if hearing from all these amazing people and seeing Mickey wasn’t enough, we were told that after the conference we could have a back stage tour of the New Amsterdam Theatre.. A BACKSTAGE TOUR! We got to go behind the scenes, see the props and costumes used in the many Disney plays, and hear all about the history of the theatre. To top it all off, we were allowed to try on the costumes and take pictures with them and some props. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!

I really learned so much at this amazing conference. I now am taking what I learned and applying it to my social media and blog! I am so thankful to Leanne O’Regan, Jamie Langdon, Maria Bailey and the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Team for inviting me to this wonderful event! It was such an honor and privalege to be able to spend the day learning from many amazing speakers and getting so many breathtaking surprises! Thank you all!!!!


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