Disney Through My Autistic Sons Eyes


In December, we took our children on a trip to Disney World in Florida. We were worried about how our 2 year old son would do there. He has moderate/severe autism with sensory issues. When we arrived, we went straight to guest relations and asked for a handicap sticker for his stroller. This allowed our son to sit in his stroller while we waited on lines for rides and attractions. Crowds can be overwhelming to him at times, and he can lose control fast. Being in his stroller is one of the few things that can calm him down. So, you can imagine how thankful we were that Disney offers such a sticker for strollers. We also got the new pass that allows us to get a time to come back for rides with long lines. This really helped us for rides like Peter Pan’s flight. Waiting for 90 minutes would have been too much for our son. It was such a relief to be able to just return at a given time.


We also loved taking him to meet some of his favorite characters. At Chef Mickey’s, the characters would come right up to him and hug him gently. He seemed a little standoffish with some, but wasn’t scared. It was such an amazing sight to see my son meet some of his favorites. I can remember having tears in my eyes when he met Buzz and Woody!

Another plus, the amazing cast members that Disney World employees. If my son was scared or stressed, cast members would do anything to make him smile. And, it worked! They gave him stickers, smiled at him, asked for high fives, and were just so wonderful and accomadating. We were able to leave him in his stroller for the Jungle Cruise when he was falling asleep. I couldn’t believe what wonderful service we got on our entire trip. Disney is just an amazing place all around.


I have to say, if your child is autistic or has sensory issues like mine, and you are worried about how they will do at Disney, don’t worry one bit. From the moment we arrived, to the minute we said goodbye to come home, it was a trip of a lifetime! I can’t wait until our next trip there, and the huge smile my son gets when he first sees Mickey Mouse!!!!

Is there any questions you have about Disney and how they helped us make my sons trip so easy and memorable? Please feel free to comment and ask!


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