Early Intervention… A Wonderful Thing!

Before my son was diagnosed with autism, he was having major meltdowns, banging his head on the floor because he didn’t know how to tell us what he wanted, crying when he got frustrated, never interacting with us, no pointing or talking and much more. We felt like we couldn’t help him, and were lost on what to do.

We made an appointment with Early Intervention to have them come evaluate him and set up his therapy appointments. He has OT, DI, and Speech throughout the week. 6 therapies a week for him. They started a month before he turned 2, and we were desperate to have him start. We couldn’t have ever imagined how much progress would happen within a month, than two months, and so on. He was sitting in his chair while working with the DI and speech therapists. He was slowly starting to say a word here or there. Than, more words, eye contact, socializing.

It has been 9 months now of his early intervention, and the progress is a miracle. He is now starting to say sentences, he comes to us when he needs or wants something, no more banging his head on the floor and crying in frustration. He is interacting with other and us. More cuddly and way more smiles! He can hop, climb, walk on his hands and so many other things. Stack up blocks, identify colors, numbers, letters, shapes, animals, vehicles. It is amazing.

Everyday I give thanks for all that this program has done for him. For the three amazing therapists he has. They each have not only gotten our son to progress, but they have gotten him to thrive! They are like part of the family now. We owe so much to them and are so thankful for everything they do to help my son. It is amazing how much they all help. I have seen the progress and am so thankful that we were lead to them for help.

If you have a child with special needs, know that there is help out there for them. Get them into an early intervention program as soon as possible. Believe me, it helps tremendously! Not only with my child, but also with us. They helped teach us ways to help Billy. Ways to communicate more and help him progress.

So, thank you to our therapists! Thank you Chanie, Karin and Amanda! Without you, my son would not be doing as well as he is now.

*originally written in Feb. 2015.*


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