Hallmark Itty Bitty Review


I won a set of Itty Bittys from Hallmark on Twitter. I said once I received them I would do a blog review. They sent them to me and I had them within a week. The box arrived and my daughter was super excited to see the surprise I had waiting for her. It’s always so exciting when something new arrives in the mail! I let my daughter open them. She ripped open the box and found two adorable Disney Itty Bittys in the box. I had chosen Lady & the Tramp, since it’s my favorite Disney movie and one of my daughters too!

When she pulled them out of the box she had the biggest smile on her face and so did I. These Itty Bittys were adorable! They were a perfect size for my daughter to play with, for any child. They were super cute and so nicely made! I couldn’t believe the quality of them. My daughter played with them for hours. Later at night she brought them to her room and placed them on her night stand.I absolutely love these Itty Bittys by Hallmark and will be buying some more in the future. I thank Hallmark so much for this set I won! My daughter absolutely loves them. I would recommend these to anyone as a gift or just for yourself or kids. This house is a new Itty Bitty fan house! My next ones will be the Star Wars ones for my husband and Toy Story for my son. There are so many Itty Bittys to choose from. All are just as cute as the next! Here is the link to the 2015 Hallmark Itty Bitty:

Thanks again to Hallmark for the wonderful gift. My daughter and I really love them!

*The opinions in this blog were of my own and not influenced by Hallmark.*


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