Jackpot Candle Review

I was sent a Jackpot Candle jewelry candle to review. I ordered the Ocean Breeze scented candle with a ring inside. I was able to give them my ring size when ordering, so that I got a correct size in the candle.

The candle was mailed USPS priority mail. It arrived within two days of ordering. This is the fastest I have ever received a candle that I ordered online. Not only was it shipped fast, but it was wrapped up extra securely. It came inside a box, with bubble wrap around the candle and the box was inside the shipping envelope. I was very impressed at how professionally it was packaged. I immediately opened the package and inside was my candle. When I took off the lid, the smell was strong and wonderful. It was one of the best scented candles I have had.

I immediately lit the candle and the scent filled up my entire room. The candle burned for several hours before I saw the pretty purple foil. This was the ring inside my candle. I blew out the candle and was easily able to remove the foil package with twizzers. I cleaned off the wax with a paper towel and opened the foil. Inside was a small baggy with my ring in it. I opened it up to reveal a very pretty ring. It was silvertone with what looked to be a garnet or ruby colored stone. On the ring is a tag with a code to get the value. I went on to the website and clicked the Appraise tab. There I was able to key in my code and it revealed that my rings value was $18. Pretty great for a free ring inside of a candle. My candle also has many more hours left that I can burn it. And when I light it, it still smells amazing.


To order one, you go to There you are able to pick what scent of candle you want and what jewelry item you would like inside. The jewelry choices are a set of earrings, a necklace or a ring. When you order a ring, you are also able to order the size you would like. which makes it wonderful knowing it will fit. Each candle costs $24.95, which is a great price. The free piece of jewelry you get inside is guaranteed to appraise between $15 to $5,000 dollars! How amazing would it be to get a $5,000 item in a candle!! And for new customer, you can put in your email and receive an instant $5 off coupon to use on your first order.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this jewelry candle. I have tried several others and this one was by far the fastest shipped and the nicest scented one. I will be ordering more in the future for sure. As a gift to myself and gifts for others. I think my next candle I will do a pair of earrings as my choice. I will definitely be posting once I order my next one and showing you all the amazing item inside!

**I recently received a free jewelry candle in exchange for my review. All these opinions expressed are fully of my own.


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