Riding Along At Disney..


When it comes to taking vacations with a child with Autism, it can be a little stressful to think about how the kid will be with crowds, lines and long waits. This was definitely a worry of ours before we took our son to Disney last December. Billy has meltdowns when he is in large crowds, when not moving for a bit, and when he is over stimulated by something. We knew that we would have moments of waiting on a line, or fighting a big crowd when at Disney and were worried he may have a complete meltdown. When we are out somewhere at home, we have his stroller with us in stores. He is always calm when he sits in his own stroller. We made sure when we flew to FL to take his stroller since he was comfortable with it.

When we arrived to Disney we asked for the DAS card for our son, and also asked for the sticker for our stroller. This sticker allows you to use your stroller as a wheelchair. So, my son would be able to just stay in the stroller on lines when we would have a bit of a wait, or when there were alot of people around.

The first day we were waiting on a line at Magic Kingdom, one moment Billy was playing and happy and the next he was getting too overwhelmed at all the people and started to cry and try to bang his head on the ground (due to his sensory issues.) My husband had brought the stroller on line with us, so we were able to put him in his stroller. He immediately calmed down. He grabbed his blanket, made us shut his shade over and just relaxed until we were on the ride.


Being Autism parents, this was such a wonderful, calming thing for us too. We knew that our little man could relax in his stroller and not have a meltdown on line. We knew that this made his trip enjoyable for him, which in turn made it a great trip for us.

Combining the DAS card with the wheelchair sticker is a wonderful thing Disney does for children with Autism and many other disabilities. It really allows the parents to have options to keep their child comfortable, happy and unstressed while on vacation.

We were so thankful for all the things Disney did to make sure my son would have the best vacation ever. I have always loved Disney, but after this last trip and seeing how much they did to help my son, I can honestly say I will forever be a fan of Disney & look forward to the many more future vacations we will be taking and many more stress free vacations to Disney!


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