My Newest Adventure… Homeschooling!

This summer I decided I was going to take on a new and exciting adventure, homeschooling my daughter! My daughter, Jenna, went to school her first two years, but I always had an urge to try and homeschool. After going back and forth all summer about it, and many discussions with my husband, we both decided why not give it a try! After all, if I found it wasn’t working, I would be able to enroll her back into school. So, at the end of August I printed up all the necessary documents and took them to our school district office. I ran out to several stores to buy all the supplies we would need, signed up on Time4Learning for her to do some online lessons, and found websites to get worksheets from. Set up an entire area in our home for her to do her schooling during the day and set up her portfolio binder. Everything was approved with the school district and on September 2, I started Jenna learning at home!


I made sure to join some online groups on Facebook, in order to have some support when I needed and more resources to the information that is out there for homeschooling that I may have missed. I found that having others who homeschool, like myself, is a huge thing! We share ideas, worksheets, links to stuff and even talk about fears or doubts we may have! It is wonderful to find support with anything you do.

In the beginning, I found that both Jenna and I were not quite sure what exactly to do each day. Sometimes I wondered if she was learning enough. I had to find what worked best for her and she had to adjust a little to being home. After a few tough moments that first week, things began to run smoothly. Now we are on our 5th week of homeschool and both Jenna and myself couldn’t be happier!


I make sure every Sunday that I write out what our daily tasks are on her weekly chart. I write her spelling words on our board so she can study them all week, print out all the worksheets for the week, find out what crafts and experiments I plan to do, set up all the lessons I need to teach and write out her spelling words on note cards. Than, come Monday morning, we are all ready to go for the entire week!

This past week as I was teaching Jenna all about our state, PA, she turned to me and said that she loved homeschooling and wants to do this forever! This made me smile. I knew at that moment that I made a great decision for our little family. Jenna is enjoying learning at home, I am having a fun time teaching her and Billy gets a head start on some learning too with us. I know she is learning and having fun doing it!

While homeschooling isn’t for everyone, I am glad that, for my little family, I made the decision to do it! The first month has already flown by and we are having a great time. I recently enrolled in Girl Scouts for my daughter, found a meetup group in our area for homeschooling kids and am looking into some fun places to visit, so Jenna can have some fun learning on the go!

If you are planning or contemplating homeschooling, please feel free to comment with any suggestions, questions, comments or concerns.


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