100 Years Of Magic With Disney On Ice!!


Last week I was invited to a special VIP Media Night with Disney On Ice. It was to view their new on ice show, 100 Years Of Magic, at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA. The show ran from October 14- October 18. I was super excited to get invited to this amazing event and also excited that it would be my son’s first Disney On Ice event ever!

When we arrived at the Giant Center, I immediately went to the box office to pick up my tickets. There was absolutely no line, we were able to walk right up to the window. Than, we headed to the main doors to go in. I was worried how Billy would be, because this was the first time I was taking him to any event without his stroller. Usually when he is having a sensory meltdown, we put him in his stroller to calm him down. But, it was easiest not to bring it this time. So, I anticipated for the worst, but was super surprised in the end with how amazing he did.


We went in and before we found our seats we checked out the stands selling so much Disney toys and other items. They had shirts, light up wands, toys, and even special cups with flavored ice in them. Each kid picked out a light up wand and toy, that their amazing Nana paid for. Than we went and purchased some popcorn, hot pretzels and flavored ice. After everything was done, we headed in to our seats.


We sat down 10 minutes before showtime. Had great seats, just a little up from the ice rink. Before the show begins, they do a pre-show dance session. It was so much fun watching the kids get up and dance that I didn’t have time to catch it on video. My son was having fun dancing to the music, a huge smile on his face.

After the pre-show, 100 Years Of Magic began. There are over 14 classic and modern stories in this show. Mickey and Minnie opened the show, than we saw so many great characters such as Elsa and Anna, Finding Nemo, Lion King, Toy Story, Pinnochio and many more. There was so many shows that I lost count. You can read all about the show and watch a short clip here: http://www.disneyonice.com/100-years-of-magic



During the show I was worried how my son would react. He is newly 3 and has Autism and Sensory Issues. So, I knew the show may be a little too overwhelming for him. But, to my surprise, he did amazing. The show was so fun and exciting, that he just sat there most of the time, either in his seat or Mommy’s lap, and stared at everything going on. He did have a small meltdown during one part of the show, but I was able to settle him within 2 minutes and he was back to smiling and giggling at Olaf. The only other time he cried was when the show ended. He was upset it was all over and I couldn’t blame him, because I was too! It was such an amazing show.


The show in total lasted about an hour and a half. But, they did have an intermission in the middle. Which was perfect because people were able to grab some more food, use the restrooms, or shop for some Disney goodies!

I have to say, whether you are 3 or 93, this show is for you! My mother-in-law, my kids and I all had such a fun time! Disney is always so magical no matter what. To see so many of our favorite characters on ice, sing along to so many of our favorite songs and just have such a fun filled night, is just priceless! The look of joy on my son’s face during his first show, was worth going just for that. My daughter talked about it the whole ride home. I can’t thank Disney On Ice enough for the wonderful night of fun and imagination! If you are debating going, definitely do it! It is worth every moment!!

You can find more information, showtimes and locations and purchase tickets all on their website here: http://www.disneyonice.com/tickets

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Disney On Ice for having us! We had such a magical night and I can’t wait for the kids and I to go back for another show in the future!!!!


**I was invited to this special media event by Disney On Ice. All of the opinions expressed are of my own and in no way influenced by Disney On Ice or any of their affiliates**


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