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Our Day Full Of Smiles & Laughter At Diggerland USA

I was invited to spend a fun-filled day at Diggerland USA in West Berlin, NJ, with my husband and kids. We had never been to this theme park before, but heard that it was super fun for all ages. We got to see the amazing life sized Ford Tonka Truck, drive some fun construction vehicles, play games in their arcade and watch a stunt show.


When I showed up, I was greeted by Jamie, the admissions director, with my tickets and a bag of fun swag for the kids and information for mommy!


One thing I was super excited to learn about was that they host nights throughout the year called S.A.N.D (Special Abilities Night At Diggerland.) Now, you all know my son has Autism & Sensory Issues, so to hear that they do a special night twice a year for children with Special Abilities was amazing! The event features:

-A Limited Number Of Tickets Sold. 

-Reduced Sensory Input

-Free Ears Plugs Available Upon Request (how amazing is that!) 

-Ride & Operational Accomodations. 

This night will be held on April 22nd & June 3rd, from 5-8pm. I love when places do nights like these for my little man. It really helps for him to have an amazing time out and I have less stress worrying about how overwhelming it may be. To read more about this special night click here:


The first thing we did, after being greeted by our amazing hosts, was head straight to the Ford Tonka Truck. Billy was in awe at this life size “TOY” truck. He wanted to figure out how to pick it up and play. My daughter, husband and I, also loved seeing this cool truck. We spent about 15 minutes just looking all around it and letting Billy stare at it. This truck was only there for a limited time and was such a cool sight to see! If you can get to Diggerland next time it is there, I highly suggest going to see it!



After oohing and aahing over the cool truck, we headed first to the store and picked up our Diggerland USA Operator’s License Application.


You take the application with you to each ride your child does and each vehicle they drive. After they operate 5 or more, when you leave, you can bring it back to the gift shop and it costs $10 to have their photo taken & a license and certificate made for them. This was such a cute souvenir to purchase and take home.


After grabbing our application, we headed to the vehicles and rides! My kids had a blast operating vehicles like the big diggers (with Daddy’s help of course) and riding rides like the Barrel Train & Dig-A-Round.There were also no lines at the rides, which made for no meltdowns from Billy. I was surprised at how many rides Billy was able to go on.  Some he was required to be with us or on our lap, but that made it even less of a stress for him to go on. Billy is very sensory seeking, so riding on the construction vehicles was actually a soothing thing for him. We all had a fun time! Read about all the rides, vehicles and height requirements here:



When we weren’t riding on the rides, the kids were hanging out at the fun playground they have & we even took some time and played some games in their arcade. We took a walk and said hi to the goats too! These were all a fun break time from the rides for the kids & the parents.



At 3:30pm, we grabbed some snacks and headed over to watch the stunt show. It was so neat to see all the stunts these construction vehicles could do. My daughter talked about how far they could “stand up” after the show!


After the stunt show, we spent some more time riding a few more construction vehicles, headed to the playground one last time, Billy fell asleep from all the fun and than we headed home! (After a stop in their gift shop for some goodies of course.)


We had such a great time at Diggerland USA and I am already planning a family trip back again! If your kids are like mine and love construction vehicles and having fun, than Diggerland is definitely the place to go!

You can read more about Diggerland USA on their website at:

They also are having an amazing Black Friday Sale coming soon. On Friday, November 27th from 6am til 6pm. They will be having lower price ticket and membership sales and 25% off ALL merchandise. Mark your calendars for this big sale. You can also sign up for an alert and save this page for the sale:

I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Diggerland USA & Jersey Family Fun ( for inviting us to spend such a fun day at the park! We can’t wait to come back soon!!!!!





**We were given tickets to the park to review it and have fun. All the opinions expressed in this blog are of my own and in no way influenced by Diggerland USA**

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Author: Melissa Harvey



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