Movie Night Seeing “The Good Dinosaur” With Ease From Fandango

The Good Dinosaur Tickets

Last night, the kids, hubby and I got to go see The Good Dinosaur. I was given 4 ticket codes from Fandango to attend and do a review. This is my thoughts on the movie. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

To have some Dino fun before the movie, I made a special Dino meal at home. We had Dino pizza and cookies! I also did Dino study for Jenna’s homeschooling this week. We learned all about dinosaurs and had a blast!



Fandango made our movie experience so much easier. I was able to go online earlier this week and purchase the tickets for last nights movie. I just went to:, typed in my zip code and found our local theater. You can also purchase your tickets in advance here.  I looked for the movie, put how many tickets we wanted and purchased! Than printed up my voucher and was all set. Didn’t need to worry about lines or it selling out. When we arrived at the movie theatre, there was a huge line outside of people waiting to go in. My family and I were able to avoid waiting, because we had our tickets already purchased. Just walked inside, the movie theater attendant scanned the paper and we headed in.


One thing I loved is that we were allowed to bring Billy’s stroller into the theater. This made it so much less stressful on him and us. It was his first movie ever in a theater and we were unsure how he would be. Having Autism and Sensory Issues, crowds, darkness and loud noises can be very overwhelming to him. But, having his stroller there was a big help.


Now on to the show! “The Good Dinosaur” was a movie that shows what life may be like if the asteroid that changed life on Earth forever had never hit the Earth. Dinosaurs would still exist and life would be so much different than it is. This Pixar movie follows the life of an Apatosaurus named Arlo and a friend he makes along his journey, Spot. It is a cute movie that teaches you all about facing your fears and friendship. To never stop! My favorite quote from the whole movie was when Arlo’s Dad, Henry, said to him, “Sometimes you’ve got to get through your fears to see the beauty on the other side.”

I couldn’t believe how amazing the animation was in this movie. Watching it, I almost had to remind myself that it was not real. The beautiful mountains and rivers looked so realistic. I was in awe looking at all of the animation.

It started with Arlo and his family working as farmers. The dinosaurs were talking, plowing and harvesting crops! It was really cute to see them in this new way. Spot is a human menace who comes in and is ruining the crops. He was very dog like, what you may expect if dinosaurs were still around. It was neat to see how the writers switched the human and dinosaur roles.

We got to watch Arlo and Spot bond as Arlo searches for his way back home. They go through many obstacles together, meeting some friendly dinosaurs, like the family of T-Rex’s and some not so friendly ones, like the storm chasing Pterodactyl’s. All of the challenges lead Arlo to conquering his fear and doing what is right!

There were so many silly, fun moments in the movie. Ones that you would expect from Disney and Pixar. One thing I didn’t expect though was how many tear-filled moments there would be. While my son didn’t understand the sad parts, my daughter, who is almost 8, did. We had a few times where she felt very upset and was crying so hard I had to hug her and tell her it would be okay.

I love being able to see a movie as a family and it was great to see that my son really enjoyed his first movie out. He only moved to go from his stroller to our laps and back. The movie was adorable and kept our interest the whole time. Tho, it was not as good as previous Pixar greats like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. But, I would still highly recommend this movie as a must see!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Fandango for a wonderful family movie night out! I highly recommend getting your tickets, before you head out to the movies, from Fandango here. It made our movie night so much easier. You can purchase tickets or even movie gift cards for anyone this holiday season online! And, stay tuned to my blog, because Fandango and I have teamed up and will be giving away 2 free ticket codes for any movie of your choice!

The Good Dinosaur Tickets

**I was given 4 ticket codes from Fandango to go see and review their website and the movie, “The Good Dinosaur”.**


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