Countdown To The New Year With Your Little Ones & Care Bears On Netflix


Today is New Year’s Eve and while many people will be celebrating at midnight, in my home we celebrate the New Year a bit earlier. My son heads to bed around 8pm, so we try to have a little celebration right before bedtime. This year, Netflix and Care Bears is making our bedtime celebration a bit more fun, with a super cute New Year’s Countdown! Now streaming live on Netflix.

Our friends at Netflix designed a New Year countdown experience for preschoolers, tweens and everyone in between.  Kids can pick their favorite character or ring in the new year again and again with countdowns featuring: Care Bears & Cousins, Oona and Baba of Puffin Rock, Inspector Gadget, the Project Mc2 girls, King Julien, Mr. Peabody & Sherman and all their DreamWorks Animation friends.

According to new research from Netflix, more than half of parents around the world (58%) would jump at the chance to put their kids to bed before the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve. With six on-demand countdown specials launching today, parents can make 10pm, 9pm, 8pm or any time midnight. Choose when it’s time to say goodnight, and the kids can choose how to celebrate with their favorite characters, including Care Bears & Cousins!

So, if you have little ones that can’t make it til midnight, just like me, than check out the super cute New Year Bedtime Countdown with your kids favorite friends, streaming now on Netflix!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! 



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