The Care Bears Are Back…..

care bears and cousins

The time has come for Season 2 of Care Bears & Cousins on Netflix! That’s right, the adorable show that follows our Care Bear friends is returning for a second season on February 5, 2016, exclusively on Netflix!

Join in with the Care Bears & their Cousins as they go on 6 new adventures. While you wait for season 2 to premiere, catch up with the Care bears & Cousins on Netflix now! Just tune in here to watch now!

care bears 2

Know what’s an even better way to watch the new season, snuggling with your very own Care Bear friend that you stuffed with love! Right now, you can make your very own Tenderheart Bear or Cheer Bear at a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you, or you can purchase your Care Bear and accessories online, here.

Make sure to tune in February 5th to Netflix for the brand new Season 2 of the Care Bears & Cousins Show! I can’t wait to watch, how about you?





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