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Our Day Of Fun Sensory Play And Learning At Please Touch Museum

My family and I were invited to spend a fun day exploring the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA recently. There are two full floors of fun things to see and do at the museum and all of it was sensory friendly for my son.

When we first walked in we were greeted by a very warm and friendly employee. We were able to get our tickets, pay for our parking and for the carousel, plus pick up a map of the museum and ask any questions we had all right at the desk. It was great to not have to go to several different spots to get everything we needed. We than headed into the big museum. The first thing we saw was the amazing Liberty Arm and Torch. Quoted from their website, “As visitors enter Hamilton Hall, a stunning space crowned by a soaring dome, they encounter a life-sized, 40-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty’s Arm and Torch. In true Please Touch Museum® fashion, this sculpture is created out of toys, games and other ‘found objects’ gathered and assembled by local artist Leo Sewell.”.. This was so amazing to see. My daughter was able to walk up the stairs near the arm and torch and read all about it.

We than headed downstairs to begin exploring. We headed straight to the City Capers area. In this area, the kids were able to shop and even checkout their items at the interactive ShopRite Supermarket area, they made sure some baby dolls were healthy and drove an ambulance at the CHOP area, made some happy meals in the McDonalds play area and much more. My son loved pushing around a shopping cart that was his size and picking out all the different foods. I loved that we could incorporate a day of learning into this fun play for my daughter. We counted our items and added them up at the end. It was a great math lesson for her! You can read about all the fun interactive play areas in City Capers here.

We than headed into the Centennial Exploration area. We stepped inside this 1876 train station area, complete with an amazing 20 ft X 30 ft model of the 1876 Exhibition grounds. My daughter and I read a ton of different facts about the World’s Fair and my son played with his favorite toy, trains! We spent a long time in this area just having fun with the many hands on exhibits they have, like an old phone and the train ticket booth. Afterwards, we headed into Wonderland. We hung out with Alice and her friends! We got to walk the maze and read the story of Alice in Wonderland, have a tea party with the Mad Hatter and even play in the toddler area, Fairytale Garden, where we read some fairy tales and road on a boat!

After all our exploring was done downstairs, we headed back upstairs to the main floor of the museum. We grabbed lunch at their Please Taste Cafe. They had a great variety of food for us all and a lot of tables, so we were able to sit and enjoy our meal. Once our bellies were full, we headed to take a ride on the fully refurbished century-old carousel! Than we headed to the River Adventures area. Here we played with water, explored a big tree house and much more. My daughter and I even got to see a bunch of fun pencil sharpeners that were over a span of many years. My son counted ducks with us and sailed some boats in the water. We spent the most time in this area and also did a second visit to it, because it was such fun! We also headed to the Roadside Attractions area to fix some cars and the Flight Fantasy area to launch some spaceships. We made a special stop in the Clifford the Big Red Dog area to explore before they closed this attraction too. You can read all about the exhibits we explored here.

Our whole day at the Please Touch Museum was such a fun day. All of their exhibits were sensory friendly and perfect for my son, who has Autism. It can be hard to find places that offer a lot for him to see and do, but Please Touch did not disappoint. What I also loved was that my daughter not only had fun playing, but she had a blast learning too. In every section we went to, there were so many fun toys displayed with cards explaining their history and so much hands on learning at each area. We really had a fun day of homeschool learning through play at the museum. I can’t wait to go back again to explore some more and have a blast with my kids!

If you would like to purchase tickets or learn more about the museum, you can do so on their website. Just go here for all the information you need. Also, check out their upcoming events while you are there, like the new Curious George exhibit, coming February 13!

Thanks so much to Please Touch Museum for having us. We look forward to coming back and exploring again soon!

**I was given tickets to explore the museum with my family. None of the opinions in this post are influenced in any way by Please Touch Museum.**


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