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Our Amazing Night At Sahara Sams & SAMbulance’s S.E.A.S Event!

On March 11th, I was given tickets to attend an amazing event, thrown bySAMbulance and Sahara Sams. It is called S.E.A.S (Special Evenings at Sam’s). This event sells a limited amount of tickets, so it is never overcrowded. They also do many great things to make sure kids with sensory issues and other special needs can have a great time. Here is a list from their website:

  • Zero depth and transfer lift available for easy entry
  • Quiet rooms available should the fun become too much
  • Modified lighting and sound throughout the park
  • Lifeguards use whistles sparingly
  • Arcade games will be turned off
  • A relaxed dress code- be comfortable, tee shirts and shorts are ok!
  • Individuals with specific dietary needs have the option to bring their own snack
  • Limited ticket sales for a pleasant experience

Please Note: Due to guest allergies, no peanuts or peanut products are allowed in the park.

When we first arrived, we were greeted not only by the Sahara Sams staff, but also by some wonderful workers with special needs. It was so heart-warming to see that SAMbulance and Sahara Sams had invited these wonderful people to work for them during the event. The line moved quickly,. which helped keep all the kids on it from having meltdowns. I met up with Annie, from SAMbulance, who welcomed me with her wonderful smile!  We got our tickets and proceeded to the gate to go in.

The first place we headed was with Annie, to our rental cabana. We loved it! For our visit, we had our own private indoor cabana. You can rent an indoor or outdoor one. They include: 2 Lounge Chairs, 2 Deck Chairs, a table, 4 bottles of water and some shaded privacy! You can read all about both cabanas and how to rent one on their website, here.

Hanging out in the cabana only lasted about 5 minutes.. The kids got their swimsuits on and were ready to head out for some water fun! The first place we headed to was the Lizard Lagoon. This is a fun play area for the little kids. Billy had a blast sliding down the slide about a thousand times in a row! After awhile there, we headed straight across to the Adventure Playland. There was so much to do there, slides for both kids, tons of water to play in and a huge bucket that dumped loads of water on everyone! We also swam and played some water basketball in Sam’s Slamdunker pool! We spent the whole 3 hours of the event just exploring and having a blast! The kids and I could have spent all day there, because there is so much to see and do. Read all about all the fun things to do indoors and outdoors at Sahara Sams here. The outdoor fun is open  Memorial Day through Labor Day with select weekends in September.. We can’t wait to go back and experience the outdoor space!

I also took a break during the fun to check out the Desert Palm Cafe and the vendors that attended the event. I purchased some great products and filled up my card for a giveaway they were having.

We had such a blast at Sahara Sams during this special needs event. It was great at how sensory friendly they made the entire place. What was even more awesome, the fact that we were around other families whose kids had special needs, just like my son. I was able to speak to many other Autism families. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this time out with their children, without the worries of crowds and judgement. There was a few times my son pushed his way past other kids to go on a slide or play in the water somewhere. As I would bring him back on line with me and apologize, I found that I wasn’t getting the usual eye rolls or rudeness I have experienced at other places. I was getting other parents saying it was okay and that they understood. For that alone, made me tear up a little.

I think this event that SAMbulance puts together with Sahara Sams is such an amazing event. If you have a child who has Autism, SPD or any other special needs, you have to attend one of their future events. You will not regret it. It is a night of acceptance, no stress and loads of sensory friendly fun! You can read about upcoming events for the S.E.A.S (Special Evenings at Sam’s) and purchase tickets here. Another amazing event SAMbulance hosts is SAND (Special Abilities Night at Diggerland). To read about those upcoming dates and purchase tickets, go here.

I want to say a GREAT BIG THANKS to SAMbulance and Sahara Sams for hosting these amazing nights. Thanks for hosting us at your event. I look forward to attending even more of these events at Sahara Sams & Diggerland in the future, with my family and friends. Hope to see some of you there!

Thanks again SAMbulance for having us.. We are dreaming of our next fun adventure!


** I was given tickets from SAMbulance and Sahara Sams to attend this wonderful event. All of the opinions expressed in my blog are of my own opinion and in no way influenced by SAMbulance or Sahara Sams.**


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