Loads Of Lego® Fun At Lego KidsFest

I was invited to attend the first night of Lego® KidsFest in Harrisburg, PA last night. My family and I love building with Lego® Blocks and couldn’t wait to see what fun things they had to do at this event.

When we first arrived I was worried there may be huge lines and crowds. There wasn’t at all. It was so well organized getting in to the event. We went through the bag line fast and scanned our tickets right from my phone at the attendant waiting. We entered Lego® KidsFest and headed first to the table with the maps. When I was at the table, I noticed something that, not only as a parent, but especially as a parent of a child with Autism, made me super happy. They had little cards that you put your name and phone number on. You than put the card in the child’s pocket, shoe or any safe area. If your child gets separated from you during the event, they just go up to the police officers there or a staff member. They were all told to look for this little card. They bring your child back to this designated “lost parent” area, get the card and call you. Now, my son travels with a RoadId tag on his shoes at all time. But, if he didn’t have that on, this was such a wonderful thing for them to do at the event. We filled a card out for my daughter and placed it in her shoe. I have to say, thanks Lego® and Lego® KidsFest for thinking of this.. This is the very first event I have attended that had this kind of system in place for children, in case they get lost, and their parents. Thank you!


After we spoke to the wonderful police officer about the lost parent cards, we headed straight towards the fun.. First stop, Star Wars area. There we saw huge Lego® models. Chewbacca and Boba Fett were just standing there waiting for people to come take pictures. My daughter made a lightsaber out of Lego® Bricks and than we headed out to look at all the huge Lego® models. My son was a bit overwhelmed with things up to this point, but when he saw Lightening McQueen model, he got a huge smile and wanted to get out and hug him! He stood there for 10 minutes just staring in awe, it made me tear up to see his joy. After he saw Lightening, he wanted to see more. We walked around the center area just getting pictures and exploring all the wonderful models they had.

Next up, the Disney area! Because who doesn’t love a little Disney fun with you are at an event! We saw a huge Lego® Cinderella and her slipper, played with all the different Lego® Disney castles and built some princess stuff using Lego® bricks.

After the Disney area we spent our time exploring everything there was to see. My daughter is huge in to dinosaurs right now, so we were excited to see a Jurassic World area with dinosaur models. She freaked out when she saw a whole area dedicated just to Mixels. She was able to make her own and they put it on display for the night! We played with some Lego® Duplos and made a Nexo Knights Shield. There was a huge pile of bricks to play in and build your own creations, race car area and much more. You can click on Sneak Peek here to see a map of the Harrisburg, PA Event.

There were also vendors at the event. We tried out the new Lego® Stationary by Santoki. So many fun products to write, color and much more with.. My daughter loved using their ruler. We had some sensory friendly fun playing with huge foam blocks from Imagination Playground. My son spent so much time in their area and loved every moment playing. I loved that their blocks were safe for him to use and helped with imagination and his OT skills. You can view and purchase their products on their website, here.  We also signed up for the Lego® Club, where my daughter will receive emails and magazines all about everything Lego®. You can sign up for free on their website, here.  We also had some delicious snacks and shopped for Lego® merchandise.

We spent over 3 hours just playing and exploring. My kids had a blast and I loved seeing them smile and their imaginations run wild! It was such a great time and we can’t wait to attend another Lego® KidsFest in the future!  To get a list of events in your area and buy tickets, just visit their website, right here.  Thanks so much to Lego® KidsFest, Lego® and US Family Guide for inviting my family to this great event! We really had a blast!



**I was given tickets in exchange for my review of this event. All of the opinions expressed are all my own and in now way influenced by Lego®, Lego® KidsFest, any of the vendors who attended or US Family Guide.**


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