Story Fun With Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

As part of a promotional program with MomSelect, I was asked to review the cool app, Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood. I couldn’t wait to see what this re-imagined version of an old tale was like.

In this fun re-imagined version of the old tale of Peter and the Wolf, Alice Cooper narrates the entire book and voices all the characters. The story takes you on a musical adventure as Peter travels to Los Angeles from Russia, to live with his Grandfather. When he arrives, he soon finds out that his Grandfather is a bit of a hippie. Over time, Peter doesn’t seem to be making friends and becomes best friends with a duck that lives with his Grandfather and himself. Than one day Peter sees that the Wolf has escaped the local zoo. Everyone is scared of the Wolf’s escape, except for Peter. Peter decides that he will capture the wolf, so that everyone thinks he is a hero and he will make friends. This is where the exciting adventure begins. The entire story is set to some amazing music that is played by The National Youth Orchestra of Germany and it also has some interactive parts available on IPad for the kids. You can download the app from the app store or preview the audio album on their website here:

My kids loved watching this audio book. They were enthralled with it the moment it started. Between the wonderful pictures, fun characters and great music, they loved it. We all sat together and watched the entire story.  My daughter’s favorite part was when the Wolf appeared for the first time in the story. She loves wolves right now, so she was excited to read about how Peter would capture the Wolf and get him back to the zoo. Honestly, when I started to watch, I was just as excited to see what would happen.

My son has watched this several times since the I downloaded the app. A thing I love with the app is that it is so easy to use. My son figured out how to get to the next pages with ease and will sit and watch it over and over. Please check out my video of Billy watching it.

This is such a fun app for kids. I loved seeing the kids enjoying a re-imagined version of a story that I loved as a kid. The music added to the thrill of the story and Alice Cooper’s narration really was wonderful! The only thing I wish was that the interactive parts were available on the IPhone too. My kids would have loved to interact with the story. This is one app that the kids and I will be using many times more.



** I received compensation for this review of the App as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All the opinions expressed are of my own and in no way influenced by MomSelect or Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood.**


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