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Chick-fil-A Upcycling Fun..Making A Tree & Creatures Playset

As many of you know, I love being part of the Chick-fil-A Moms Panel. For Mother’s Day, I was surprised with gift cards for a free salad and frosted coffee. Now, if you haven’t tried them already, their salads are AMAZING! My husband and I love all their food really, so it was such a treat to get spoiled with some free yumminess! I was also challenged to find a fun way to upcycle our salad container. So, after enjoying a delicious meal, I got to work planning! (#ChickfilAMomsDIY)


I decided it would be fun to do a craft for homeschool with my daughter. One thing we have been learning a lot about is nature. She loves to talk about trees, flowers, rocks, sand, birds and bugs. I took a trip to my local dollar store to come up with some ideas and decided it would be fun to make a nature scene playset with her!

I purchased:

  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Butterflies
  • A Chirping Bird
  • Fake Flowers
  • Easter Grass

At Home I Had: 

  • Chick-fil-A Salad Container
  • Construction Paper
  • Thread
  • Paper Towel Roll


Before we started making our nature scene, I cut out a few different size leaves from our green construction paper. Than my daughter and I sat down and began our craft. First, we glued a brown piece of construction paper around our paper roll tube. I left about an inch of paper extra on the end of the tube. After gluing the paper on, I cut 4 slits in the bottom paper and glued it on to the bottom of our salad container.

Next, we put our little butterflies on to strings, than we placed the string through holes on the salad container lid and duct taped them on. Next we began to glue our leaves on. We glued them all on the top of the lid.

After the leaves were all on, we put our grass into the bottom of the salad container. Than came the super fun part, GLITTER! What kid doesn’t love to play with glitter?! My daughter had a blast. We first put some glue in spots on our leaves and than added green glitter to them. We put a little glue and gold glitter on our tree too. We than took the little flowers off the stems and put some glue and glitter on them.  We placed our glitter flowers in the grass.

Than we placed the top of our tree onto our tree base. We placed our chirping bird in the grass and than, it was time to play! We had an adorable little tree with some cute creatures. My daughter sat there after the our craft was completed and played with the bird and tree. It was such a fun craft to make with her and we even got to discuss a bit about the importance of trees, about butterflies and birds! I loved showing her that we could create something fun using a container we would normally throw out or recycle. Teaching her about upcycling was a great lesson for today!

Thanks so much to Chick-fil-A and BSM Media for the lovely Mother’s Day gift cards and this fun craft idea. Also, for giving me a new lesson to teach my daughter, all about upcycling!


**I was given the gift cards from Chick-fil-A and BSM Media to eat some delicious food and was challenged to make a fun project. All the thoughts and ideas in this post are fully my own and in no way influenced by Chick-fil-A or BSM Media.**


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