8 Signs That Your Child May Have Autism

Since I started this blog, I have had many people ask me what signs I saw that led me to my son’s diagnosis. In January 2016, I did a guest post for Mommy University on 8 of those possible signs.

8 of the signs I saw with Billy were:

  • Speech Delay/Regressed Speech
  • Head Banging
  • He Would Not Respond To His Name
  • He Didn’t Socialize With Other Kids
  • Stimming (Sensory Seeking)
  • No Eye Contact
  • No Fears
  • OCD Behavior With His Toys 

Those were just 8 of the major signs I saw in Billy that led me to his diagnosis. You can read more about the signs that I saw and my personal experience on the post on Mommy University’s site, titled 8 Possible Signs That Your Child Has Autism.

Along with the 8 signs I talked about, there are many more possible signs to look for in your child. You can read a list of these signs on National Autism Associations website, under their list of Signs Of Autism.

I was so thankful to recognize the signs when Billy was still young, which led me to getting him diagnosed and started on therapy by the age of 2.

If you are seeing any of these signs with your child, make an appointment with your child’s doctor to discuss the signs and possibly make an appointment to be evaluated for autism. It may seem scary at first, but the best thing you can do for your child is get them the help and therapy they need as early on as possible.





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