Movie Fun With The Angry Birds

My kids both LOVE Angry Birds. My son has several of the cartoon DVD’s that he watches a lot and we also watch the shorts on TV everyday. There is just something about those birds that the kids love. Between the game, cartoon shorts and several toys, this house is filled with some type of Angry Bird fun everyday. So, when the trailers started to come on for the movie, I knew it was one we would have to see. Plus, my son would watch the trailers and crack up every  single time.

The night before the movie, I purchased our tickets on Fandango.  This allows us to skip the line when we go and head straight inside.

We headed to the theater a week after the movie came out. We went to an afternoon showing, to make sure we would have a less crowded theater for my son. He gets way too overwhelmed in crowds and I wanted him to enjoy the movie. I got popcorn and some snacks and we headed in to sit.

The moment the movie started, my kids were already laughing. As soon as they see those birds on the screen, they are immediately drawn in. The movie focuses around Red, a bird with an anger problem. After an incident when he is “working”, he is sent to anger management classes. The Pigs arrive on the island soon after and the silliness truly begins. After the Pigs steal all the “baby” bird eggs, it is up to the Angry Birds to get angry and save the eggs!

Overall, I thought the movie was cute and funny. Though there were some parts where the humor was a bit “adult”, but the kids didn’t seem to understand what was being insinuated. My kids laughed throughout the whole movie and danced to the music at the end. So, I know it was a great time!

If you are heading out to see The Angry Birds Movie, make sure to purchase your tickets online and skip the wait at the theater. Get your tickets through Fandango and have a blast seeing the movie!

**I was given 4 movie codes from Fandango to see The Angry Birds Movie. My thoughts in this post are all of my own and in no way influenced by Fandango or Angry Birds.**


One thought on “Movie Fun With The Angry Birds

  1. Thank you for the review! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a hit or miss but sounds like it was good. We’ll have to head out to see it.


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