Unique Father’s Day Gift For Men From JORD Wood Watches

My husband does a lot for our family. He works hard driving a truck everyday and also is an amazing father to our kids when he is home. So with Father’s Day coming up, I was looking for something that he would really love but not be expecting. He has so much stuff already and is hard to shop for. I wanted to get him something that he would really like, something that wasn’t the same usual gifts I get him.

So I was browsing different gifts online and came across these really cool wood watches. They are JORD Wood Watches. The watches are made of wood and are hand crafted. This was something I have never seen before and thought was perfect for my husband. I find that he really loves gifts that he was not expecting. After checking out their selection of watches, I decided on the Sully Series watch. The watch I chose is made of Dark Sandalwood and Maple. I contacted the company and they offered to send me the watch for review.

I was able to measure my husband’s wrist and the watch was sized before it was shipped. The watch shipped super fast and I had it a few days later. When I opened the shipping box, I got a huge smile. They offer this adorable Father’s Day sleeve. It goes right over the watch box and you can write on it! My daughter asked to decorate it right away before bedtime, so I let her. She wrote  to her daddy and drew him some pictures. I thought this was such a cute idea!

After she was done getting Daddy’s gift all ready, I opened the box to take a look at his watch. It was even more amazing than I could have thought. The watch is so well made. The wood was smooth, not at all what I was expecting. The face of the watch was nicely made also. It came in a beautiful wooden box to keep it in, with a watch pillow to sit it on, a cleaning cloth, the warranty and more information on it. JORD even set the correct time before they mailed it to me. I knew as soon as I saw it that my husband was going to love it!


Now I know Father’s Day isn’t until Sunday, June 19th. But with my husband away for work a lot, we decided to give him his gift early. I wanted him to be able to get it from the kids and be able to wear it on Father’s Day while he works. The first thing he saw was the adorable sleeve and he loved that our daughter was able to write on it and decorate it for him. We both think it’s so special and he will be keeping that forever. When he opened the box he was even more excited than I was. He LOVES the new watch! One of his new favorites. He put it on right away and it fit perfectly. I think it is great that they size it before shipping if you need, because I have purchased many watches for him before and he was never able to wear them until we took the watch into a jeweler to get sized. Not his new JORD Wood Watch. That was all ready for him to wear and he loved that! He has worn it a few times this past weekend and has raved about it each day.

I definitely think if you are looking for a great quality gift for Father’s Day or any day, a wooden watch is definitely a great idea! It is a beautiful watch that anyone would love to wear everyday and also a unique gift, something you may not see too often. Plus the watches are very affordable. So if you are shopping for a great gift for your man, check out all the different designs Jord Wood Watches offers here.  And if you are looking for a nice watch for a woman, JORD has so many wonderful women’s watches too. I am hoping to get one in the future. You can check out their selection of women’s watches here.





Watches Made From Wood

**JORD mailed me a watch to do a full review on. All the opinions expressed in this post are fully my own and in no way influenced by JORD Wood Watches.**


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