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Roam With The Dinosaurs In NJ

My family and I had the pleasure of being invited to a special media day at Field Station: Dinosaurs in Leonia, NJ. My daughter is such a huge dinosaur lover right now, so this was a perfect place to visit with her. We surprised her with the visit and the minute we pulled up she could see a dinosaur peeking over the fence and she screamed with excitement.

After we arrived and picked up our tickets, we headed straight to the entrance to get briefed! The kids were handed their credentials passport and we headed off to explore. When we walked in we instantly saw all these huge, life-size dinosaurs. My kids were so excited and amazed. As you walk through the park, the dinosaurs roar and move. Making you feel like you are looking at real dinosaurs. At each dinosaur area there were fun facts and different things to read about on that dinosaur. My daughter loved reading and learning how to pronounce each of them and I loved that she was also learning as she explored.

Speaking of learning as you explore, there were several tents set up with different learning experiences. We heard about fossils, saw different animals, colored some dinosaur pictures & sift for fossils, all while learning about the dinosaurs along the way. What was even more fun is as you stop and learn, you get your passport stamped at each one. Once it is full, you are an official expert paleontologist. My daughter just loved this!

There were so many activities throughout the day too. The kids danced and did the limbo at the Dinosaur Dance Party, they dug in the sand for fossils at the Fossil Dig Site, dug for fossils at the Paleontologist’s Laboratory, saw a baby dinosaur in the Dinosaur Nursery and spent time Walking With The Dinosaurs in a 3D movie. There were all these fun things and more. We ran out of time doing everything and can’t wait to visit again to explore and learn some more.

We also made sure to have some delicious food and shop for some fun dinosaur items in their gift shop. It was a really fun day that we all enjoyed. If you are looking for something fun to do and you like hanging out with dinosaurs, than I would definitely recommend heading over to Field Station: Dinosaurs. There is just so much to see and do, plus so many opportunities to learn new things. I plan to head back this fall and have a fun homeschool learning day there. You can purchase tickets and season passes online here. Also, read more about the park, see their hours and times and more on the Field Station: Dinosaurs website. Also, stay tuned for a ticket giveaway coming soon!

Thanks so much to Field Station: Dinosaurs for having my family. We look forward to visiting again soon!



** We were invited for a special media day at the park by Field Station: Dinosaurs. All the opinions expressed in this post are of my own and in no way influenced by Field Station: Dinosaurs or their staff.**


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