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8 Reasons To Head To Sahara Sams In NJ This Summer

The summer is finally here and my family & I had the pleasure of being able to visit Sahara Sams Water Park in NJ again last month. Each time we get to visit, we have such a blast and the kids don’t want to leave. If you are looking for a fun place to visit this summer and keep cool at the same time, than head to Sahara Sams.

Here are 8 reasons I think you should visit Sahara Sams this summer: 

1.) Rides & Waterslides! Sahara Sams has so many rides and waterslides to enjoy during your visit. My kids always love playing in the Tim-Buk-Tu playground area. My daughter will ride the waterslides there over and over & both kids love waiting for the big bucket to dump water on them! There’s the Lizard Lagoon, an area made for toddlers. My son and I hangout in that area all the time. There are also several slides for bigger kids and adults, like Snake Eyes and the family slide, Mount Kilimanjaro. You can read about all their attractions right here.

2.) Relaxing Pools & Hot Tub! If you need a break from all the fun slides and attractions, you can take the kids and relax in one of their swimming pools. There is an indoor and an outdoor leisure pool. I love this about Sahara Sams. During our visits, there are so many times we just want to relax a bit, but stay in the water. So we all go swim in the leisure pools and have fun. If you are an adult and looking to maybe relax for a little bit without the kids, there is also a really cool hot tub inside! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I plan to next visit!

3.) The Brand New Mirage Area! That’s right, recently Sahara Sams added a brand new, 10,000 Sq. Foot addition, called The Mirage. In this new area there is the indoor leisure pool, which we absolutely loved and spent tons of time in & Tut’s Twisters, the new racing mat slides.

4.) Cabana Rentals! During your visit, you can rent an indoor or outdoor cabana. We love being able to go back to the cabana to lounge for a bit and take a much needed water break. You can read about the cabanas and reserve yours for your visit here.


5.) Sam’s Arcade! Another great way to take a little break from the water is to hangout in the great arcade they have. You can get a refillable card to play games, save up points and get a fun prize at the end! The kids always love playing video games for a bit while we visit the waterpark. It is a great, fun way, to take a small break from swimming. You can read about the arcade and their arcade card specials here.

6.) Delicious Food & Drinks!  We took a break during our visit to grab some delicious food. They have so many wonderful options at the waterpark. They even have a bar, where my husband got a cold beer to bring back to our cabana and relax alone for a few.

7.) Birthday Parties! Sahara Sams offers birthday party packages. I mean, how much fun would it be to have your kids birthday party at this amazing waterpark?! You can read all about what they offer for their parties and how to book one here.

8.) Save $6 When Booking Online!  When you purchase your tickets online, before your visit, you not online save money from Sahara Sams, but you can also save $6 on a full day ticket now with special promo code: AVENGER. Just use that code at checkout. Order your tickets online here.

If your kids love water as much as mine do, I definitely recommend a trip to Sahara Sams Waterpark. My kids always get the biggest smiles on their faces when they see us pull-up to the building. They never want to leave, but have so much fun when we are there that they fall asleep on the way home every single time! We can’t wait for our next visit. Thanks so much Sahara Sams for having us!


**My family and I had the pleasure of being hosted for our visit. All the opinions expressed in this post are fully my own and in no way influenced by Sahara Sams.**



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