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Heading To New York For Blogger Bash 2016 & More….

It has been a busy week here in our home. We finally are getting an ABA Therapist for my little man. He will start in just two short weeks, which adds another 6 hours of therapy on a week. B’s IEP meeting is also coming up this Friday, so we shall see how they feel his progress has been this past year and what they want him to work on in the upcoming year. Also, my little man has a birthday next week. The big 4! I can not believe he is going to be 4 already. I am so proud of how much he has grown this past year and how amazing both kids are doing!

I also had some exciting news this week. I got invited to attend Blogger Bash in NY this year! It is the first time attending this event and I am super excited to go. I will be getting some wonderful advice for growing my blog, get to meet some great people and also plan to make some wonderful connections with different brands. I hope to meet some great brands that are Autism & Sensory Friendly and some that will have products to incorporate into our homeschooling.

So, please follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see all the fun tomorrow. I will list my links below. And, as always, thank you all for the support. Without all you wonderful readers, there would be no Autism Mommy Avenger! I appreciate you all so very much.

Here are my links for my social media sites, so you can follow along tomorrow:




Can’t wait to share everything with you all. Plus, stay here for upcoming blog posts on marriage, Autism, and much more!


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