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How I Met My Husband….

One thing I wanted to start doing this year was sharing more about my personal life with my readers. I feel like to you all need to see the real person behind the blog!

Now some of you may know already that I am married to a wonderful man. But, what many of you don’t know is how we met. Let me tell you the story of how I met my husband…..

Back in 2004, I became a single woman for the first time since I was 14 years old. Previous to that year I had married & divorced my high school sweetheart. When I was separated, I had dated and moved over 1000 miles away from everyone with a man, who than left me a year later. I became a single gal than and learned to love it! I was living in FL and between just working and staying to myself, I didn’t meet many men. A month or so after my breakup in 2004, I joined an online dating website, just to get myself out there. Went on a few very interesting dates, to say the least. (Those stories would be too long to tell.) I decided I just wasn’t ready to date yet and placed my account on hold. A few months later I made the choice to move back home to NJ. I had missed my family and friends.

After being back for a bit, I decided in 2005 to restart my online dating account. But this time, I was a bit cautious about the dates I went on. For about a year, I had gone on several dates. Met some great people, dated a few guys for a bit, but never felt like any of the dates were men I would want to have a serious relationship with. I mean, if you are on an online dating site, you are pretty much looking for someone you’d want to be with forever, or at least longer than 30 days. That was the joke my friends said about me,that I never dated anyone over 30 days.. And, that was mainly my fault, because I just hadn’t met the one yet.

The months flew by and before I knew it I was celebrating a New Year with my friends. It was 2006, I was single, working hard as a Head Teller at the bank and just enjoying time with my friends and family. In March 2006, I was starting to get sick of the dating scene and had decided to close my dating profile as soon as my paid membership period ended. I had a little over a month until than, it would expire May 1st. So, I left the profile up, but didn’t really go on to my profile much at all. I was just ready to be done with the whole online dating scene. I had great friends, a wonderful family, a good job, I was happy and was ready to just be happy being single for a long time.

At the end of April, about 4 days before my membership was done, I got an email from the website. One of those “look at all these amazing men we found for you” emails. Honestly, I got those emails a few times a week, but all of April I had just been deleting them. This day I decided to open the email, no idea why, maybe just to be nosey. There were 4 profile pictures of guys and the typical “quick introduction” under each. There was this one guy though that stood out. No idea why, just thought he was kind of cute and I think the pretty blue color background on his picture had caught my eyes to begin with. So, I decided to email him. I mean, why not. I was closing out my profile in a few days and if nothing came of this so be it. I sent the email and didn’t expect a response for at least a day or two. Boy was I wrong, he emailed me back about 15 minutes later. He seemed nice, so I sent a message right back. Emailing went on for 4 hours that night! The longest I have ever emailed anyone from the site. I found out he had grown up in FL and moved to NJ, where I had grown up in NJ, moved to FL and moved back. We talked about work and what we did for fun, the normal kind of get to know you emails. He decided to ask me if I would like to meet the next night for a drink, so I said yes!

That next night, a Friday, I had my best friend, Lauren, meet me at the restaurant where I was meeting him for the first time. Being we had only emailed one day and had no other contact, I didn’t want to go alone. So, I nervously walked in to TGI Friday’s that night and he was waiting at a small table near the bar. We shook hands, I ordered a drink and we talked. My friend showed up a few minutes after me and sat with us. He was so nice and didn’t mind my friend being with me. I liked that a lot. After some drinks, we headed out. My friend convinced me to ask him to go out the next night, so I did.. Well, that first date turned in to over 10 years together now! We married on the year anniversary of the day we met. So now, over 9 years of marriage, (10 years since we started dating) and 2 beautiful kids together, I couldn’t be more in love with my hubby, Steven!

And that everyone is How I Met My Husband! 


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