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A Day Of Trains To Celebrate Turning 4!

This July we celebrated a big day. My little man turned 4! These past 4 years with him have flown by. So much has happened in his 4 years and he has taught me even more. I never thought back when my husband and I decided to have a second baby, that that little one would change our lives the way he did. His Autism diagnosis made us grow, as a family, my husband and I as a couple and me as a person. Thanks little one for blessing us with you the past 4 years!

I wanted to celebrate his birthday in a way he would love this year. So, after thinking about it for only a minute, we decided to do a day of trains with him, in Strasburg, PA! We planned out a whole day of fun for him. One that I knew he would just love! We woke early on his birthday and he got ready in his Thomas the Train birthday boy shirt! Than we grabbed some breakfast & headed to Strasburg.

Our first stop was Strasburg RR.  My family and I were invited to ride their coach train. We spent a little bit of time playing on the playground while we waited for our train to arrive. Than we took a 45-minute train ride to Paradise, PA and back. After we went in to their store with all the Thomas the Train items. Which, of course is my little man’s favorite place. He played on the train table for awhile & looked at the trains. We picked out some trains and other fun things for him, paid and headed out. We had packed a picnic lunch, so we decided to eat before heading to our next train destination.

Our next stop, one of Billy’s favorite places EVER, Choo Choo Barn. My family and I were hosted by them for our fun visit. We have been here once before and my son would spend a whole day here if we let him. He loves to watch the trains go around the tracks, over and over. There are so many little touches too, like a house fire that the fire department saves the day by putting out, there is a circus & fair and there is even “night-time” that happens throughout the visit. You can read all about our visit on my post here.

Our last stop of the day was at the RailRoad Museum of PA.  We had the pleasure of being hosted to visit. This was the first time visiting for my family, so we were really excited to see what fun there was inside. I was surprised at how amazing the museum was. When we first waked in there was a big model train display with different timeline facts all along the walls. After my son marveled at the train, we headed in to look at the big trains on display. There were so many trains, ranging from the very first ones to more modern day. We walked around and were able to read facts about the trains and go inside some. There was also a min-village display, train tables for the kids to play and a small “village” with facts to read. We had such a great time and learned a lot about trains. Stay tuned for my upcoming post all about the museum!

After our fun day of trains was done, we headed home to finish celebrating. We had Billy’s favorite meal, pizza, and a delicious Thomas the Tank Engine cake! We sang Happy Birthday, but my son wasn’t too thrilled with it. He covered his ears at first and clung to his Daddy. He wouldn’t blow out the candles either, so we did for him. But, he did love the train that was on his cake!

I can’t believe 4 years have already flown by with my little man. He has grown so much in those 4 years and is doing more and more everyday. He finally started to talk to us a little over 3 months ago and it was amazing! I am so thankful for the 4 years I have had with him, so proud of how far he has come and am looking forward to seeing what this year of being age 4 has in store for him..

Mommy Loves You Little Man!!!!!

** My family and I were hosted by Strasburg RR, Choo Choo Barn and RailRoad Museum Of PA. All the opinions expressed in this post are fully my own and in no way influenced by our trip sponsors.**



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