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Find Everything You Need For Your Sensory Seeker At Fun & Function

As you all know, my son, like many others kids with Autism & SPD, is a huge sensory seeker. I am always looking for items to help him everyday that can supply a little of that sensory comfort he so needs. I had the pleasure recently of working with Fun And Function, (FUNANDFUNCTION.COM), to try out some of their amazing sensory friendly products.

“Fun and Function is a family-owned, kid-focused company with a passion for creating the best sensory toys and tools on the planet. They take pride in #EmpoweringDifferent and helping show the world how amazing special needs children are.”

I looked through all the great products on their website and decided to choose three items that I knew would really benefit my son and his needs. I was given the following items from Fun and Function to try:

When we opened up the box, the first item my son saw was the regulation putty. This adorable putty helps him to strengthen his hands and what I loved was it also has 9 expressive faces hidden inside. Each face shows a different emotion. We played with the putty together and I helped him dig out each face. As we would find one, I would tell my son what that “kid” was feeling. He would giggle and even tried to repeat each emotion with me. I really thought this playful putty is great for building social skills. It helps kids to recognize different feelings people have and even to help them learn different emotions for themselves. You can check out and order the Regulation Putty here.

The next item in our box was the Hug Sleeping Bag. One thing my son loves is tight spaces. He likes to hide in tents, under blankets, even behind out couch. When I saw this Sleeping Bag on their site, I knew it was perfect for my son. When he is feeling overwhelmed, he usually likes to find a space to hide in for a bit. This Hug Sleeping Bag is perfect for that. It was super lightweight and able to be carried anywhere by my son, or easily packed by us for trips. He played in the sleeping bag for over an hour when we first took it out. He was having fun hiding inside and even now he will bring his tablet inside the sleeping bag and just play for a long time. I love that this gives him some resistance play when needed and a small space to hide when he is seeking that. You can check out and order the Hug Sleeping Bag here. 

The last item in our box and my little man’s favorite item of all was the ABC Look & Feel Bag. One thing my son is obsessed with is letters. Anything letters he loves! When I saw this item on this website, I knew he would love it. This is a bean bag filled with pellets and 26 letters of the alphabet. It is a good size for any child to hold or carry. The bag has a clear front on it so that the child can move and shake the pellets around to find the letters. This isn’t just a great sensory toy, but a good learning toy too. My son has carried this bag everywhere. He sleeps with it in bed, plays with it throughout the day and even takes it on car rides with us. He really LOVES this item and has used it just for playing and to calm himself during a meltdown. You can check out and order the ABC Look & Feel Bag here. 


Fun and Function has tons of sensory toys for kids. They not only have the items I received, but also weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, chew items and more. I will be ordering more items for my son very soon. You can check out all the amazing sensory items they offer on the website. What items would your kids benefit from?

**Thank You to Fun and Function for sponsoring this post. I received the items listed above in exchange for my review. All of the opinions expressed in this post are fully my own and in no way influenced by Fun and Function.**


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