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Our Sensory Fun Trip To Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

This last weekend, my family and I were invited as guests to have some fun at the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. The farm is located in Ronks, PA, near the Strasburg Rail Road.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by some very friendly staff. During our whole day there, all I encountered was smiling, friendly and extremely helpful staff. It was such a pleasure to deal with such nice people. When we first stepped into the farm I was amazed how big it was and how much there was to do. The first thing we did was purchase a refillable mug and a hot pretzel. We got some of their fresh lemonade, which was delicious. The mugs can be refilled all season long, .99 cent soda refills or $2.49 lemonade refills. A great value. After we had a drink, we started to explore the farm.

We decided to head to the back of the farm first. My daughter saw that they had mining for gems and wanted to do this. So, we purchased a bag of dirt and started to look for gems. My daughter loved doing this. She wound up with a big bag full of gems and was given a list of different gems to read at home. After the mining, we went to the Lil’ Farmers Playground area. Now this area was so super fun! They had a duck racing area, where you pump the water to get your rubber duck to the end. They had a big playground with slides, a fun corn kernel play area, a small cabin to play in, sand digging machines and the best part for us, these 2-person swings. You get to sit across from your infant or child and swing. Billy had a blast on these swings. We must have went on them about ten times. I want to go back right now just to use those swings again.

After the playground, which we could have stayed at the whole day, we started to explore more of the farm. The kids bounced on the giant Barnyard Jump Pillows, the ran in a hay obstacle course, shot some apples out of a canon in Barnyard Blasters, climbed a giant haystack and much more. You can read about all the fun activities they have on their website, here.

We took a break from all the fun to grab some dinner. The food was delicious. We had nachos with cheese, corn dogs, chicken fingers and pulled pork.  Great prices for their food too. After eating, we heading up towards the front of the farm. We raced some more rubber ducks, went on a small little wagon ride, my husband and daughter rode the Pedal Karts. We even got to hold some baby chicks, see rabbits & goats and learn all about how to milk a cow and more in their Farm Experience Center. I love going to places where not only are the kids having fun, but they are also learning.

The last fun part of the night was exploring The Amazing Maize Maze. Every year the farm changes the path in the corn maze. This year it is shaped like a tractor. When you enter they explain to you three different ways you can do the maze. The easy way, intermediate or hard. We chose the intermediate way. We walked the maze, following the clues along the way that told us which direction to go. We took 50 minutes to make it through the maze. After the maze, we ended our night at the farm with some s’mores and a last stop to hold the baby chicks again, as per my daughters request. Than we stopped at their general store on the way out and picked up some fun goodies.

We had spent 6 hours exploring the farm and honestly, if it wasn’t that they were closing and we had to leave, we could have stayed longer. I can’t wait to visit again next season.

This Saturday, November 5th, 2016, is their last day of the season. They will be holding their Annual Pumpkin Madness Festival. This super fun festival runs from noon-5pm, followed by the flashlight maze activities starting at 7pm and an all new fireworks display at 8pm. During the festival they will have these fun activities:

• Notes From The Sky Pumpkin Drop – where your pumpkin is hurled from the top of a giant boom lift and crashes onto the target below. The bigger the pumpkin the better the splat! People really have fun with this as they can write messages on their pumpkins which are read over the microphone before they’re dropped!

• Reverse Pumpkin Darts – where you will hurl pumpkins at a board filled with pointy darts!

• Pumpkin Chucking Contest – carefully monitored, where competitors with the farthest throws in their category win a Cherry Crest Adventure Farm season pass!

• Pumpkin Ring toss – based on the classic carnival game.

• Pumpkin Smashing – with a big rubber mallet – very therapeutic for all ages!

• Pumpkin Bowling – for kids age 10 and under.

Pin-the-Face-on-the-Pumpkin – a play on Pin the Tail. Perfect for small children.

• Candy Drop – at 4 p.m., where kids age 12 & under can grab all they. .

• 2 Monster Pumpkin Drops – at 3 p.m. see a 1,266 lb. pumpkin fall from the giant crane, and at 5 p.m. the Grand Finale Pumpkin Drop starring the largest pumpkin we could find at 1,730 lbs.

To purchase tickets to the farm, just visit their website here.  And to read more about the farm, including all their attractions, hours, how to purchase season passes and more, visit the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm website.

Thanks so much Cherry Crest Adventure Farm for having us. We had such a blast and can’t wait to come back & visit again in the 2017 season!


**My family and I were given tickets to explore the farm in exchange for my review. All the opinions expressed in this post are fully my own and in no way influenced by Cherry Crest Adventure Farm.**



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