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Weighted Blankets Are Great For Autism and SPD

One thing about my son, like many kids with Autism and/or SPD, is that he is a HUGE sensory seeker. He is always stimming or trying to cram himself into laundry baskets, behinds couches, or any other tight, small areas he could find. He loves hugs and when he is having a bad meltdown, he will start to calm when we squeeze him tight. My son’s OT had told me a few times that weighted blankets are great for that sensory input he needs, but I hadn’t tried one yet. So, I decided to give it a go! I was given a wonderful weighted blanket from a small business shop called Cuddle Land. You can find her shop on Facebook here or Etsy here.

Weighted blankets have great benefits for children with Autism and/or SPD. They provide deep pressure touch stimulation that produces serotonin in the child, which is a hormone that will help to calm him down and produce a happier frame of mind. Just by draping a weighted blanket across your child’s lap throughout the day can help. Weighted blankets also help many kids to sleep better. It is like having a big bear hug all night. I noticed the first night my son slept with his, he for the first time didn’t toss and turn all night.


The blankets have special weighted beads inside and are made specifically to your child’s weight. I received an adorable Disney Cars blanket, because Billy loves the movie so much. When we opened up the package, he was excited to see the new blanket. He was actually in an OT therapy season, so it arrived at the perfect time. He was starting to have a hard time doing the tasks he was asked to do and was started to have a small meltdown. I immediately gave him the new blanket, I laid it on him in his little kid sofa. Well, instantly he calmed. He laid there, smiling and hugging the blanket closer to himself. It was great to see how this blanket could help him. We have been using it ever since. He likes to hide under the blanket, just lay with it when he is relaxing and sleep with it at night. We bring it on trips with us, so he can use it in the car to relax on a longer car ride.

After having our blanket, I don’t know why I waited so long to try one. It is such big help for my son. I would definitely recommend anyone who has a sensory seeker like I do, that you get a weighted blanket, if you don’t have one already. Cuddle Land makes these blankets at a great cost, my blanket was made super durable and has lasted through several washes already. It is soft and didn’t irritate my son at all. Plus, the Disney Cars pattern was a hit! Cuddle Land can also custom make a blanket for you. Not only does she make sure to do the correct weighted beads for your child’s weight, but she can make a blanket in any length you would like, also you can request certain characters, so you can get a blanket your child loves!

Just head over to Cuddle Land on Facebook or the shop at Etsy and send a message with your request. Use Discount Code: NEWYEAR17 to save 10% off on any purchases of $50 or more, good until 01/02/2017!


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