20 Sensory & Autism Friendly Items For Your Child’s Easter Basket

It can be tough trying to find great items to fill a child’s Easter Basket and it can be even harder when that child has sensory needs. So I wanted to share a list of 20 of my favorite things to put in my son’s basket. All sensory and autism friendly items!

1.) Bubbles- What little sensory seeker does not love bubbles. I always get the big wand ones and smaller bottles too. I think 20% of his Easter basket consists of bubbles!

2.) Play-Doh

3.) Cool Chew Race Cars- My son is always putting toys in his mouth. He just craves that sensory input. One thing I love is having chewies for him. Fun and Function has these adorable Car Chews. We placed ours on a necklace and he can wear it around the house or when we go out. They’re a great item for any child who likes to chew. Find them here.


4.) Crayola Bathtub Crayons- My son loves coloring lately and I love that he is learning how to hold a pencil or crayon when he does. So, getting crayons to use in the bathtub was a definite. I love the Crayola ones, you can buy there here at Walmart.

5.) Glow Sticks

6.) My Pet Massagers- Another great thing to help with the sensory input my son needs is back massagers. Fun and Function has these adorable child ones.. You can buy a lady bug or a turtle. My son loves his and we use it quite often. It also makes a perfect gift for an Easter basket! You can purchase them here.

7.) Coloring Books- Coloring books are always great for kids and encourage using OT skills to color!

8.) Crayons

9.) Books

10.) Putty- Different kinds of putty is always great for sensory seekers. I love several ones from at Fun and Function that combine not only a fun putty to play with, but ones like Discovery Putty: Transportation Station, where little ones can look for fun things like vehicles. You can check it out here.


11.)  Movies- I love including one or two of my son’s favorite movies that he may not have or has worn the dvd out. Like Disney Cars and The Peanuts Movie.

12.) Pencils and Paper- If you have a child who is learning how to write, like my son, than adding in some paper and pencils is a fun idea. I love these Little Pencils from Fun and Function. Their 4″ length encourages the right grip. Buy them here.

13.) Stencils

14.) Chewy Pencil Toppers- Another great chewy item for your sensory seeker, chewy pencil toppers. Click here for some great ones from Fun and Function.

15.) Weighted Fidget Lizard- This is one creature that your sensory seeker will love finding in their basket. Click here to check him out.

16.) Educational Flash Cards

17.) Stickers

18.) Stress Ball

19.) Homemade Sensory Calming Bottle- A great thing for any child with sensory needs is a sensory calming bottle. There are lots of different ones online to make too. So you will have a wonderful, homemade gift in their basket that they will love!

20.) Weighted Blanket/Weighted Lap Pads- Weighted blankets and lap pads can have many benefits for kids with Autism and sensory needs. My son loves his blanket from Cuddle Land. You can read my post about it and where to get yours here.


These are 20 of the items that I love to put in my son’s Easter Basket and I would definitely recommend them for any child’s basket who has Autism or Sensory Needs. Please share with me what you put in your child’s baskets. I always love getting more ideas. Have a Happy Easter everyone!!



**All opinions in this blog are of my own and in no way influenced by any companies of the items listed. I did receive some wonderful items from Fun and Function for review and to include in my post. Any opinions on Fun and Function items were of my own opinion also and in no way influenced by Fun and Function themselves.**




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