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15 Great Date Nights At Home

One thing my husband and I don’t always have the pleasure of doing is date nights out. Between living a few hours away from family and only trusting a handful of people to watch my son who has Autism, we aren’t able to go out places without the kids much. But, that can be okay! We have learned to do date nights at home and always have fun when we do. So if you find yourself unable to go out for date nights or just wanting to have a fun date night in, tuck the kids in bed and try one of these fun dates in!

1.) Cook a late night meal together.  I love to cook and it is even more fun when my husband helps. We have done date nights at home by making a meal together. We’ve just looked up a new recipe we haven’t tried yet, poured some wine and cooked! It is fun to stand in the kitchen together chatting and joking while you cook. Even in our small kitchen! If you are looking for something fun, try cooking a new meal together. Don’t forget to pour some wine and laugh while you do.

2.) Living Room Picnic Meal. Clear some space in your living room, lay a big blanket down, set out some plates, silverware, wine glasses, and delicious food and have an indoor picnic! You can have any foods, from simple sandwiches to fruits, cheese and crackers. Make it even more romantic by turning off the lights and lighting some candles!

3.) Movie Night. This is a date night in that my husband and I do A LOT! We rent a movie, make popcorn and grab some snacks, cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and have a fun movie night in. It’s a lot cheaper than going to the movies, plus the popcorn is always refillable!

4.) Dessert Night. This date night is always fun to do. Grab or make a few different desserts you both like. Light some candles, sit at your dining room table, couch, wherever you would like and just share a bunch of delicious treats! Pour some wine or even milk, just use your fancy glasses to drink from! Eating sugary treats is always great and doing it by candlelight with your significant other, as you talk & have fun is even better!

5.) Dancing in candlelight. Dancing with your partner can be super romantic. Think about slow dancing at weddings or other social events. So why not dance at home too. Make a playlist of slow songs you love, maybe your wedding song, first date song, that love song that makes you swoon every time you hear it. Any songs you like. Light some candles, clear some space in your room or living room and dance!

6.) Wine & Chocolates. Some date nights at home we love to just relax after the kids are in bed. We light a candle, have a glass of wine (or sometimes the hubby has beer) and share a box of chocolates. Sounds silly I know, but it is so nice to just kick back together, talk and relax! Plus, the chocolates are always a much needed stress reliever after a long week!

7.) Bubble Bath In Candlelight. A warm bath is always a great way to unwind after a long day and what would make it even better is a warm bath with your spouse! Get a scented bubble bath you both like, light some candles, even put in some rose petals. To go even more romantic, grab a scented bar of soap and take some time cleaning your spouses feet, back and arms while massaging too! Just enjoy the relaxing tub time with your significant other!

8.) Game Night. Grab some snacks, a cold drink and break out some fun games! Have an adult only game night. You can play your favorites, like Monopoly or Connect 4 (which I love) or play something a bit more daring, like strip poker or a fun adult dice game. Whatever you decide, having a game night in with just your spouse is always a blast!

9.) Karaoke Night. Who wouldn’t love watching their spouse sing that love ballad you’ve always adored or maybe today’s pop hit?! Pour some drinks, turn on YouTube or a karaoke machine, pick out each others songs and have fun! Just don’t be too loud, or the kids may hear you and want to sing along too!

10.) Late Night Swim Under The Stars. Now of course this only works if you have a pool. If you do, take a late night swim with your significant other under the stars. (Bathing Suits Optional)!

11.) Dinner In Bed. Some nights you just want to chill in bed. What would be more fun than having dinner in bed with your spouse. Grab some food trays, heat up a quick meal, order a pizza or make a sandwich! Light some candles, turn on some music or maybe some Netflix and just relax in bed with your spouse! Just make sure not to get sauce on your sheets!

12.) Read A Book- Together. Grab a book of love poems, one with some funny marriage stories, or just a story you would both love and read together! Take turns reading to each other. One spouse can read while the other snuggles up close. And don’t worry if you don’t finish your book, you can always do another reading date night soon!

13.) Massages. What person wouldn’t like to get a relaxing back or foot massage from their spouse after a long day? Grab some warming body lotion and take turns giving each other a relaxing massage in candlelight!

14.) Outdoor Wine & Cheese. Put together a platter of cheeses, fruits and crackers you both like, pour some wine and head outdoors to look at the stars and talk. Or just sit quietly, enjoying your snacks and staring at your loved one in the moonlight!

15.) Beer and At-Home Bar Games. Grab some frosted glasses, pour some beers and play a fun game of darts! You can get a small dart board to hang and have some fun! If you have a pool table, play some pool too! Have a fun night of beer and bar games, but at home!

These are just 15 fun at home date night ideas for couples who may not have a babysitter for the night or just want to stay in! My Hubby & I always have a lot of fun planning date nights in. Dating your spouse is such an important thing to do in any marriage and long term relationship. It keeps the love and spark going! Have fun doing any of these great date nights at home! Please let me know what other date nights in you may have with your significant others!


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