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5 Reasons To Head To Hersheypark This Year



One of our favorite places to visit every year is Hersheypark. No matter how many times we go, it is always a blast! Plus, the park is Autism friendly, which makes our visits even more enjoyable each time! We were given tickets to visit this Spring and had a wonderful time, as always. Here are 5 of my reasons that you should head to Hersheypark this year!

1.) Ride Accessibility Program. My top reason to visit Hersheypark is how Autism friendly they are! We love visiting all year long and know we can without a bunch of waiting in lines and meltdowns from my son. This is possible because Hersheypark offers their Ride Accessibility Program. This program allows us to head to the exit or accessible entrance at all the rides my son is tall enough for. We just wait a short wait til the ride is done and then we are able to enter for the next ride. I love this pass just for the fact that waiting in lines and crowds can be very overwhelming to a person with Autism, this pass helps eliminate those stressful situations. We absolutely love this program and use it every time we go. Plus, it is free! Just head to their Ride Accessibilty Program page here to read more about it!


2.) Free Extra Hours. When you purchase a ticket to Hersheypark, you get free extra hours! The night before your visit you can head to the park for up to 3 1/2 hours of extra fun! This is more hours to have more fun in one of our favorite theme parks! Read about how this works on their website here.

3.) Tons Of Fun Rides! We absolutely love rides and there are rides for everyone at Hersheypark. A lot of kid friendly rides that my son and daughter love, like my kids favorites Balloon Flite and Tiny Tracks. There are also rides for the whole family, like the Ferris Wheel, Carrousel and our family’s favorite, The Kissing Tower! We have a blast from open til close in the park riding so many fun rides. Read more about their rides here.

4.) ZooAmerica. One of our favorite stops every trip is a visit to ZooAmerica! Your visit to the zoo is always free, included in your ticket. We love to take a break from the rides during our day and head in to the zoo to see all the animals and learn some fun animal facts. ZooAmerica is open year round and is 11-acres of fun! Just head in to the zoo through an entrance in Hersheypark and stay as long as you want. We always spend lots of time exploring the zoo! To read more about ZooAmerica just click here.

5.) The Boardwalk At Hersheypark. Open now and all summer long is The Boardwalk. It is an 11-acre waterpark located inside of Hersheypark. It’s always the perfect way to cool off on a hot day! We love to spend hours playing in the water. My son’s favorite spot is the Sandcastle Cove. And our family loves swimming in the wave pool The Shore. Plus, this year there are two brand new water slides, Breakers Edge Water Coaster and Whitecap Racer. Definitely make The Boardwalk your first stop when you enter the park on a hot day! It is so worth the fun! Read all about The Boardwalk At Hersheypark here.

As you can tell, we absolutely LOVE Hersheypark. It is one of my family’s favorite theme parks and we love visiting a few times a year. They have so much to do and something for every season! We had a fun visit this Spring and can’t wait to go again in the summer. If you can’t make it this summer, don’t worry. Hersheypark also has some amazing events for Halloween and Christmas time. You can plan your visit, purchase tickets and more on Hersheypark’s Website, just click here.

See you soon Hersheypark! Thanks so much for another great, Autism friendly visit!



**My family and I were given tickets to the park in exchange for sharing all the fun of our trip! All the opinions expressed in the post are my own and in no way influenced by Hersheypark.**


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